Trial Lesson Vouchers

Before getting into the aeroplane, you will be briefed by one of our friendly, experienced, instructors, on what to expect, and given an overview of the main flying controls.

After takeoff you will be shown how to fly the aeroplane, and then you will have control!

Your Instructor will take control again just before landing.

Should you decide to become a pilot, the flight time can then be logged in your flying log book, and will count towards the minimum number of hours required to gain a licence.

A companion may be taken on a 4-seater aircraft, subject to aircraft weight and balance checks.

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* Once a trial lesson has been purchased, contact the school during office hours on 07515 284766 to book your lesson. If weather conditions on the day of your booking prevent you from flying, the flight will need to be booked for an alternative date. Trial lessons are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Please print and retain your proof of purchase, and bring it with you on the day of your flight.

Trial lessons purchased are non-refundable. They include: temporary standard membership (student flying only), landing and Instructor fees as appropriate. Trial lessons are restricted to one hour per person per year.

All prices are VAT inclusive.
Discount Packages are available, please contact the school for more details.