Aircraft Hire (Per Tacho Hour) Self hire Price Instruction Price
Cessna 152 £136.00 £178.00
Cessna 172 £163.00 £186.00
Piper Warrior PA28-161 £170.00 £200.00
Frasca FNPTII Simulator £100.00
Airfield charges Redhill Aerodrome Brighton City Airport
Landing Fee (2 Seat) £16.00  £28
Landing Fee (4 Seat) £20.00  £20
Touch And Go £6.00  £10
Club Membership (cost per annum) £100.00

Club membership is MANDATORY for any pilot wishing to self fly hire aircraft.

All prices shown are inclusive of VAT. Discount Packages are available, please contact the school for more details.
Due to the current volatility of fuel prices, a fuel surcharge may apply.